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Updated: Jan 22

A person looking out on a lake in reflective thought
Reflecting on the Previous Year

CURRENCY OF KINDNESS: The only true currency I've found is helping others. When my short time on this planet is up, I won’t be able to take any material possessions with me. However, the impact I make on others and the knowledge I share to ease someone else's journey, that lives on. It's a way for me to leave a legacy. If I’m fortunate, and they share what I've taught them, I may live on vicariously for quite some time. I especially get a kick out of helping young, eager adults that want to learn and grow. They keep me young at heart and endlessly fascinated.

NOT TAKING IT PERSONALLY & MOVING ON: Not everyone is appreciative, even when you help them selflessly. However, that's their reflection, not mine. Most often, people lash out because they're struggling with their own issues. It's a character flaw, and it's their choice how they deal with it. My choice is not to get entangled in that drama, walk away, and find those who are appreciative. Family and close friends are a different story, though. With them, I do some deep reflection to make sure I'm not contributing to any negative patterns. I’m aware that there’s a tendency to want to be the hero of our own story so I’m always reflecting what’s happening from many perspectives in an attempt to stay grounded in the truth. There's always room to learn and be better.

PERSONAL GROWTH: The older I get, the more comfortable I’m in my own skin. I know my strengths and shortcomings, and I'm okay with all of it. But, I still make it my priority to get better every day, learning new things and reflecting on myself.

PERSISTING WITHOUT EXCEPTION: I am one persistent dude! I believe there’s always a way to win, and I just have to find the combination of ideas to do so. This mental state keeps me positive, hopeful, and fulfilled. Creating https://Empowered.Community, a new nonprofit organization to improve the lives of people in communities wasn’t easy. It involved researching social gaps that others aren’t filling, meeting with hundreds of people, working with government agencies, designing new impactful programs, gathering leaders and volunteers, using new technologies, doing marketing, and so much more. Yet, I feel satisfied about the accomplishment and learned so much. It made me hopeful for positive outcomes in 2024!

STAYING HEALTHY & ADVENTURES: I know that keeping healthy is important, but being consistent with good habits isn’t easy. I find it takes a lot of focus, and for me, I need a list and routine. Also, hanging-out with like-minded people makes it so much easier and fun. Going hiking with my friends, biking with my dog, and going on various NYC adventures (Broadway shows, Greenwich Village food & art tour, Neighborhood Ghost tour, Governors Island walk, Roosevelt Island exploration, Central Park hidden places tour, museum exhibits, and more). If you want to do some of these things, you can check out more details here.

STAYING CURIOUS: I like doing innovative projects (Car key below), solving logic puzzles, and watching silly short YouTube videos (Bushman, Scary Snowman, Just for Laughs harmless pranks). It keeps me childlike so I stay creative, thinking differently, happy, and retaining a sense of fascination and innocence.

PROBLEM SOLVING: After losing my spare car key, I had fun figuring out how to replace it for only $90, instead of paying the dealership $350 or locksmith $250. It took a little ingenuity, but that's the kind of satisfaction that keeps me going. If needed, you can do it too by seeing the blog details for I Saved $260 Replacing My Car Key & So Can You!.

KEEPING AWARE: I've encountered some people who can't be trusted regarding money, power, and purchases. Protecting my own interests remained a necessary skill. I had to deal with companies that overcharge, bill for phantom services, and cut corners on quality. A realization was that I’ve NEVER had a ‘billing mistake’ in my favor. That means that these companies are really guilty of fraud, and this is actually part of their business model. If this weren’t the case, half the time, the billing mistake would benefit me. I’ve been diligent and reported their fraudulent activity in great detail to stop bad actors. Another realization is that poor quality is often by corporate intent. No exaggeration – every day I experience at least one significant defect in core product functionality; it’s just plain frustrating. One reason for this is corporations are saving money at risk to the consumer. Another is to bolster profits by replacing higher paid knowledgeable workers with cheap, untrained labor.

WATCHDOG: I’ve become extra vigilant about spotting corporate greed. I saw government action on the egg, chicken, and tuna industries regarding collusion and price fixing. I also witnessed gas, and car prices skyrocket disproportionately, causing inflation, while corporations reported record profits. Companies were overcharging us and blamed it on inflation, although they were the ones driving it up nefariously. It's the same story with the environment. Companies created the majority of pollution and climate change, then turned around to blame consumers. And don't even get me started on the lack of transparency around salaries and career advancement. It's like a car dealership’s dishonest negotiation, all smoke and mirrors.

CALLING THEM OUT: When it comes to politicians, I have a simple litmus test: would their behavior fly at my Fortune 50 company? If the answer is no, it’s a clue and just that simple. These unethical people would be written up by Human Resources, fired, or arrested. And let's be honest, most people aren't buying the falsehoods they hear. They just want their team to win, even at the cost of truth. That fragility of our democracy concerns me.


Finding Supportive Communities: I’m surrounding myself with like-minded individuals who share my values and interests to strengthen my resolve and provide encouragement. You’re welcome to join me for a hike, online exercise class, adventure, or more.

Processing Misinformation: I’ll keep improving my critical thinking skills and encouraging others to do so to avoid fake news and manipulations. If you’re interested in that as well, consider taking this critical thinking vs. misinformation program.

Continuing to Learn & Grow: I’m embracing opportunities to expand my knowledge and understanding by teaching, mentoring others, reading, attending workshops, and engaging in discussions with diverse perspectives. If you want to volunteer, please see these opportunities to help.


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