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Our Story

Empowered Community, Inc. is the next level 501(c)(3) nonprofit expansion resulting from our experiences as volunteers, board members, and a subsidiary organization of Sidewalk University, Inc.. COVID-19 was an eye opener. It showed how an entire nation and economy can be upended instantly. Masses were instantly unprepared to handle a forever changed future.

Our response was to identify and address unmet needs by evolving programs and filling gaps that would otherwise be ignored. We met with students, young adults, families, employees, small businesses, and government agencies to learn what programs and services were needed. Then, we analyzed job market trends to determine where people were being left behind and resolved that through education, economic empowerment, culture & arts, and health & fitness programs. We provided expert mentors and showed how to leverage financial planning, vocational opportunities, free accredited university courses, artificial intelligence, technological advances, and globalization.

This led to our new mission statement, "Sparking Potential, Igniting Lives"

To serve others, we identified talented, like-minded volunteers with an eagerness to get involved. As we grew, a strong community and online presence developed. Business professionals, accomplished Board of Directors, expert Advisory Board members, dedicated leaders & volunteers, and giving partners committed to support our domestic and international programs.

Join us in creating a legacy of empowerment. We invite you to contact us with your interest!

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