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Our Exclusive: Self-made athletes, celebrities and young business professionals share stories of grit and determination, in 5-minute bites. Learn from them to jump start success. 

Sidewalk Univ: Small Town Girl Gets $100K+ Income

Sidewalk Univ: Small Town Girl Gets $100K+ Income

ABIGAIL DOUGLAS - Age 25, Information Security Engineer for a Fortune 100 company earning a six-figure income - Came to New Jersey on own from Nebraska to earn Computer Science degree - Saint Peter’s University, 4.0 GPA - Self-made, first-generation college graduate - Work history: cashier, sandwich maker, pizza shift manager, HR assistant, data entry clerk, several information technology intern positions with cybersecurity specialty VOLUNTEERISM: - Girls Who Code: mentors high school students - Career Workshop: improves college student resumes - Homeless Shelters: donates life necessity products Share this video with students and those it may impact. Please leave your thoughts here. BACKSTORY 🎵JUST A SMALL TOWN GIRL...🎵 Watch our own Abigail Douglas discuss her journey from entry level jobs, and being a History major in Nebraska, to becoming a six-figure income earner for a Fortune 100 company in New York City at only 25 years old. She advises students on what steps they can do to get ahead based on her experiences. In an exclusive interview, Abigail shared that in order to financially help her minority family back home, she'd need to be the first generation to graduate college and work in an up-and-coming field. Abigail decided to move to New Jersey and attend Saint Peter's University. She changed her major to Computer Science and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. While in college, Abigail gained experience with several information technology internships and had companies clamoring for her cybersecurity skills. Ultimately, this resulted in a key Information Security Engineering position. Abigail is a grateful person and regularly volunteers to help others make positive changes in their lives. Her success tips about education, navigating college costs and being prepared for better positions may give you additional insights. Begin your Journey! 🎵Don't stop believin', hold on to the that feelin'🎵 Follow our activities, events and helpful posts on:

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