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Our History

We started in 2001 as nonprofit volunteers, and then took on board member, business manager, Economic Empowerment Director and Nutrition & Health subsidiary organization responsibilities with Sidewalk University. While rooted in Jersey City, NJ, we also volunteered internationally via a sister city relationship with the Antigua & Barbuda government.


The below Sidewalk University programs adapted to meet community needs and fill gaps that educational institutions, governments and other organizations weren't sufficiently covering.


  • Adopt a School

  • Book Drives to Build Libraries

  • Math Labs

  • Jump-start Success: Learn from Athletes, Celebrities & Business Professionals

  • Student Mentoring

  • Reading Labs

  • School Supplies Drive

Economic Empowerment

  • Business Consulting & Problem Solving

  • College Scholarship Awards

  • Economic Empowerment Conferences

  • Financial Education Workshop Series

Nutrition Education (including, Health / Culture / Social Activities)

  • Basketball Clinics

  • Biking Tours

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Team Walks

  • Theater Appreciation with Broadway Shows

  • Music Appreciation with Concerts

  • Community Radio Shows

  • Eye Glasses Drives

  • Cardio & Strength Building Exercise Classes

  • Health Fair and Community Exams

  • Health & Nutrition Leadership

  • Karaoke Social Activities

  • Karate Classes

  • New York Yankees Experiences, A Day at the Stadium for Students

  • Track and Field Camps

  • Weight Loss Classes​

Some of the Sidewalk University recognition received included:

  • Antigua and Barbuda meetings with Sir Rodney Errey Lawrence Williams Governor-General (Head-of-State) 

  • Antigua and Barbuda televised news and radio reporting on our programs helping their communities

  • Office of the Hudson County Executive Citation for community outreach & volunteerism

  • U.S. Senate Proclamation for economic empowerment & community impact

  • Sidewalk University Economic Empowerment book on savings and investing to foster financial literacy

  • The President's Volunteer Service Award for strengthening the nation via volunteerism

  • United Parcel Service donations and recognition articles for economic empowerment & community outreach

Invest in Our Future

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