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Get Involved

Lots of Options!

We help students, adults, communities and small businesses -- locally and remotely.  Here are some of the many ways to get involved with Empowered Community.

1. Donate! Your generosity makes our programs possible. We're all non-salaried volunteers. Each dollar donated goes to our programs. 

2. Volunteer and give back to society. Select an involvement level and/or department. Share your life experiences, teach a class, or hold one of our needed positions. You can build up skills and enhance your resume while helping others.

3. Education, Economic EmpowermentCulture & Arts / Health & Fitness - try a program

4. Upcoming Events - join us

5. Our Blog - learn, comment and share your insights

Be part of our mission to fill social gaps caused by rising costs of living, changing career opportunities, and mental health issues. Together, we all can make a real difference.

How You Can Help

Here are some ways you can support Empowered Community


Make a tax-deductible donation today

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