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Critical Thinking vs. Misinformation

Critical Thinking & Dissecting Misinformation
Save Me a Seat

Topics: Unconventional Problem Solving with Puzzles, Critical Thinking, Dissecting Misinformation
Audience: Students and Adults

“That's impossible -- It can't be done!“ ...said no one that's achieved success

Our value lies in being able to do things that others won't do, can't do or refuse to do.

Part one of our program teaches you to solve 'impossible problems' by brainstorming new ideas so you won't get stuck. Part two focuses on effectively analyzing information to form a judgment, including the latest social media & news articles.

It's critical to learn how to decipher the truth and properly share your valid points. Aside from becoming more confident, you'll become less susceptible to misinformation which can help you out with work, finances, contracts, relationships, current events and more.

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