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Fleece Navidad & Merry Christmas!

Baa-bara, the barn lamb, was no ordinary sheep. While her flock sported itchy wool sweaters, Barbara strutted in a dazzling coat of Christmas lights. Multicolored bulbs winked like fireflies against her fluffy fleece, a tangled halo of red and green perched atop her head.

A lamb wearing Christmas bulbs and a Santa hat

She pranced through the hay, a disco ball on four hooves, leaving a trail of glittering straw. The other sheep, eyes wide with envy, nuzzled her luminous backside. Even the grumpy old ram, Ebenezer Baa-humbug, cracked a smile at the sight.

But Barbara's joy was short-lived. A mischievous barn cat, Mistletoe, pounced, mistaking her for a particularly festive Christmas tree. With a yelp, Barbara shed her lights like confetti, leaving her bare and blinking.

The other sheep snickered. But Barbara, ever the optimist, fluffed her bare fleece and grinned. "Bah humbug to you too, Mistletoe!" she bleated, then trotted off, her inner light still shining brighter than any bulb. Fleece Navidad, indeed.

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