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This Bank Waived Everything for Our Cause. Here's Why Others Should Too.

Finding the right bank for our Empowered Community, Inc. nonprofit was challenging: hidden fees, high minimum balances, limited banking services, and feeling like a number, not a cause. But I was curious if building relationships could still happen. So, I walked into a local bank despite their $2,000 minimum daily balance requirement.

A young banker fist-bumping an older businessman

I took a chance on Brian, a young manager who understood our mission: helping young adults thrive. Turns out, he'd bought a house at 26 and truly understands today’s struggles.

We connected and saw an opportunity to team up for community impact and exposure. We could offer financial literacy workshops and develop practical plans for people and small businesses.

I asked for no fees, no minimums, full service - the essentials for our programs. He listened, understood, and waived it all.

This wasn't just about banking; it was about building a mutually beneficial relationship, a rarity in a world obsessed with profit.

More businesses need to follow Brian's lead, connect with their communities, and empower each other to succeed. Consider this when doing business.

P.S. Brian, You're a Rockstar! 🌟


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