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Volunteer Manager



About Empowered Community

Empowered Community is a nonprofit organization that identifies and addresses unmet needs by evolving programs to fill gaps that would otherwise be ignored. We meet with students, young adults, families, employees, small businesses, and government agencies to learn what programs and services are needed. Then, we analyze job market trends to determine where people are being left behind and resolve that through education, economic empowerment and health & fitness programs. 

We're looking for talented and like-minded volunteers who are eager to learn and help others. You'll work with experienced leaders and business professionals on a cohesive team. We eliminated bureaucracy so you can make a direct impact and feel great about your contributions.


Join us in creating a legacy of empowerment. Apply now!

Position Summary

The Volunteer Manager is responsible for recruiting, training, and managing our team of volunteers, ensuring that our organization continues to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Position Responsibilities

- Develop and implement volunteer recruitment strategies
- Conduct volunteer interviews and screenings
- Onboard and train new volunteers
- Assign volunteers to appropriate roles and programs
- Provide ongoing support and supervision to volunteers
- Track volunteer hours and performance
- Recognize and reward volunteers for their contributions
- Maintain accurate volunteer records
- Manage and coordinate volunteer communications
- Collaborate with staff and other stakeholders to ensure the success of our volunteer program

Qualifications & Experience

- Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Nonprofit Management, or a related field
- 5+ years of experience managing volunteers in a nonprofit setting
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Strong organizational and time management skills
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team
- Proficiency in Google Drive tools (similar to Microsoft Office Suite)
- Experience working with volunteers from diverse backgrounds
- Experience with using Google Drive tools to perform as volunteer management software
- Experience with online recruitment and communication tools
- Experience with nonprofit organizations and volunteer management practices

Important Notes

Reports to the Volunteer Director
Must be:
- able to volunteer at least 8 hours per week
- passionate about our mission, values, and empowering others
- using a reliable computer and internet connection

IMPORTANT: It's vital that the nonprofit has access to all tools, resources, artifacts, etc. used in this position and stored in the nonprofit's cloud. Therefore, agreed upon web-based tools in the nonprofit's name (open source, free, commercial, etc.) must be used to ensure reuse and sustainability.

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