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About Empowered Community

Empowered Community is a nonprofit organization that identifies and addresses unmet needs by evolving programs to fill gaps that would otherwise be ignored. We meet with students, young adults, families, employees, small businesses, and government agencies to learn what programs and services are needed. Then, we analyze job market trends to determine where people are being left behind and resolve that through education, economic empowerment and health & fitness programs. 

We're looking for talented and like-minded volunteers who are eager to learn and help others. You'll work with experienced leaders and business professionals on a cohesive team. We eliminated bureaucracy so you can make a direct impact and feel great about your contributions.


Join us in creating a legacy of empowerment. Apply now!

Position Summary

We are looking for a passionate and motivated individual to join our team as a Nonprofit Co-op. The co-op will have the opportunity to collaborate with caring, expert professionals and experience projects from different departments (Administration, Program, Volunteer, Finance, Development). Depending on interests, fit and skills, assignments may include one or more of the following:

- Legal Counsel: Provide legal advice and support on various matters, such as contracts, compliance, governance, intellectual property, etc.
- Communications & Social Media Specialist: Create and manage content for our website, social media platforms, newsletters, press releases, etc.
- Multimedia Producer: Produce and edit videos, podcasts, graphics, animations, etc. for our educational programs and promotional campaigns
- Instructor (Education, Economic Empowerment, Health & Fitness): Teach and/or collaborate to develop a program
- Volunteer for Onsite Events & Programs: Assist with the planning and execution of our onsite events and programs, such as workshops, seminars, fairs, etc.
- Volunteer Fundraiser: Assist with the fundraising efforts by soliciting donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, etc.
- Grant Writer: Research and write grant proposals to secure funding from various sources
- Marketing & SEO Specialist: Develop and implement marketing and SEO strategies to increase its online presence and visibility

Position Responsibilities

- Perform the tasks and duties assigned by your mentor
- Communicate and collaborate with other co-ops, volunteers, staff members, and partners
- Attend regular training sessions and meetings
- Adhere to the mission, vision, values, and policies

Qualifications & Experience

- A college student, in good standing, with a 3.0 GPA or better
- Enrolled full-time and in a co-op program
- A passion for education and social justice
- A strong sense of empathy and compassion for those using our services
- A willingness to learn and adapt to different tasks and situations
- Excellent communication and writing skills
- Proficient in social media platforms
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team
- A background check and a reference check

Important Notes

- Flexible days and hours
- 16 hours minimum per week
- 4 months minimum, 1 year preferred
- Working with the nonprofit may earn you college credits (CPL - credit for prior learning) or be used for a senior project (CEL - credit for experiential learning). Ask!
- You'll have the opportunity to network with other co-ops, volunteers, staff members, and partners, as well as access to various resources and support services
- Working remotely, you'll be using your own phone and laptop/PC with internet access

IMPORTANT: It's vital that the nonprofit has access to all tools, resources, artifacts, etc. used in this position and stored in the nonprofit's cloud. Therefore, agreed upon web-based tools in the nonprofit's name (open source, free, commercial, etc.) must be used to ensure reuse and sustainability.

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