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Essential Life Lessons

Essential Life Lessons
Save Me a Seat

Topics: Hear Directly from Fast-Track Young Professions and Experienced Older Adults to Succeed in Life
Audience: Students and Adults of All Ages

“You don't always have to touch the stove to see if it's hot”

This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from people who have already achieved success in their careers. This isn't theory or people trying to make money from selling a book or program. Rather, it's a group of fast-track young professionals and experienced older adults giving back and helping the next generation. You'll gain an advantage and save years from doing things by trial and error.

You'll hear relatable, real-life stories and insights on what it takes to succeed as well as challenges we all face along the way. This can be incredibly motivating and inspiring for students just starting out in their careers and adults trying to navigate the complexities of careers, promotions, family, early retirement and life in general.

Networking is also a key component for success in any field. This program provides students and adults with the opportunity to build relationships with other students and professionals who share their interests. This can lead to job opportunities, mentorships and lifelong friendships.

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