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AI Prompt Engineering

AI Prompt Engineering
Save Me a Seat

Topics: Creating AI Prompts, Generating AI Output & Validating It's Accuracy, Problem Solving and Saving Time
Audience: Students and Adults

“You need to learn how to control AI or AI will learn to control you”

What is Prompt Engineering?
Prompt engineering involves crafting precise and context-specific instructions or queries, known as prompts, to elicit desired responses from language models. These prompts provide guidance to the model and help shape its behavior and output. By leveraging prompt engineering techniques, we can enhance model performance, achieve better control over generated output, and address limitations associated with open-ended language generation.


Why Prompt Engineering?
Prompt engineering plays a crucial role in fine-tuning language models for specific applications, improving their accuracy, and ensuring more reliable results. Language models, such as Bard AI & Bing Chat, have shown impressive capabilities in generating human-like text. However, without proper guidance, these models may produce responses that are either irrelevant, biased, or lack coherence. Prompt engineering allows us to steer these models towards desired behaviors and produce outputs that align with our intentions.

In Our Program You'll Learn:

General Tips for Designing Prompts

Prompt Engineering Use Cases
> Information Extraction
> Text Summarization
> Question Answering
> Code Generation
> Text Classification

Prompt Engineering Techniques
> N-shot Prompting
> Zero-shot Prompting
> Chain-of-Thought (CoT) Prompting
> Generated Knowledge Prompting
> Self-Consistency


Practical Assistance
> Posts & Articles
> Contracts
> Spreadsheets
> Pictures & Drawings
> Much more, including creative ideas

Advanced Techniques

How to Obtain More Knowledge and Continue Learning

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