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Mentor with Millionaires

Mentor with Millionaires
Save Me a Seat

Topics: Advice, Success, Direction, Coaching, Support, Goals, Training, Motivation
Audience: Qualified Students and Adults

“If you can't see where you're going, ask someone who's been there before”

Our mentors are self-made individuals from all walks of life and experiences. Often, all you need to be successful is to see someone that's achieved what you want so you'll know it can be obtained.

This program gives you an opportunity to learn directly from millionaires and young professionals on life's fast-track to success. Since no one is selling anything, you can be assured that you're receiving real-world knowledge prioritized on your particular interests. It's a way we give back to our communities and prepare the next generation to become leaders that will also touch others' lives.

To qualify for this program, we're looking for self-driven, determined, passionate people that will commit to a mentorship time frame, not miss any discussions, be prepared in-advance of each session, have an open-mind and have already demonstrated that they're a self-starter.

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